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How comunicate HGLAM with HDLM in Linux servers

Question asked by Mario Lopez Sanchez on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Bhaskar Ramashankar



I installed a HDLM on Linux servers and on the other hand I have a server with HGLAM.

I am registering the IPs of Linux servers on HGLAM. When I put the IP of server, HGLAM put automatically the port 24041.

The server where have HDLM installed have 2 services:

1.-.dlmmgr_exe ---->HDLM manager process

2.- hbsa_service ---->Hitachi Command Suite Common Agent Component# process


The first service are active, but the second are disable. Also the port 24041 (on linux server where I installed HDLM) is OFF.



What should I do? Activate the service "hbsa_service" and therefore the port automatically open ? (if this option is correct, how can activate the service?)

OR Open the port and automatically the service gets active?


Thanks for your responses!!