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I have HCP 7.3.2 Evaluation OVF, I tried to deploy that on VMWare Player. But, it gets stuck when I am trying to hit the Frontend IP from browser to validate the installation. I am able to ping the IP though. need help.

Question asked by Biplab Sah on Oct 9, 2017

Hello Team:


I am trying to deploy 7.3.2 HCP Single Node on VMWare Player on my server. I have the Installation guide. The OVF after getting imported, I am able to change IP's, but to validate that Installation, Guide says to browse the FrontEnd IP, which is not happening, Though I am able to ping the IP. I guess issue is we are changing one adapter settings only whereas the change should be on both the adapter. I have tried with both NAT and Bridged.



-Biplab Sah

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