Tiering Requirement on G800

Discussion created by A0010DA9 on Sep 6, 2017

Good afternoon,


On a G800 full flash using Gad we are on our way to add more capacity. Studying the different possibility we got we thought we could get started using Hitaching Tiering technology.  I'd like to be sure we ain't missing any point and considering everything before moving further.

So far we have the G800 with one pool, i would guess we'll need to create a different pool and we can't use tiering for the whole storage ? How to define what to put in a HDT pool?

Tiering might add some activities to the storage Unit processor, How to be sure it won't havea negative impact  on our performance ?

Is there an issue adding one more other kind of disk and just moving to a two tiers tiering not three?

Is there any hardware requirement to be checked? extended memory needed?


Would you see anoy point to check?