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Tuning Manager Data Polling

Question asked by Alessandro Narzisi on Sep 5, 2017


i am usinfg Tuning Manager to monitor our storage system, we have add a new VSP and would monitoring performance. I already configured the storage and vi jpcinssetup and the check is ok. i see this service:

D:\Program Files (x86)\HiCommand\TuningManager\jp1pc\tools>jpctool.exe service list -key agtd

Host Name      ServiceID          Service Name      PID      Port     Status

---------      ---------          -------------     -------- -------- --------

SRVHSMN1       DS1VSP-86407[SRVHSMN1] Agent Store       10900    20281    Active

SRVHSMN1       DS1VSP-86489[SRVHSMN1] Agent Store       10120    50209    Active (NEW)

SRVHSMN1       DA1VSP-86407[SRVHSMN1] Agent Collector   11816    20282    Active

SRVHSMN1       DA1VSP-86489[SRVHSMN1] Agent Collector   11576    50338    Active (NEW)

KAVE06003-I List processing of the service information terminated normally.

In the tuning manager instead i don't see, in the Administration -> Data Polling, a service with related Agent (DA1VSP-86489[SRVHSMN1].  I see only the old VSP-86407.


I forget some configuration? Could you help me to understand why?