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Thin image how to question

Question asked by Viet Phan on Aug 21, 2017
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I’m starting playing with in-system thin image snapshots (not clone) on the VSP G600. I’m using Device Manager and following Thin Image User Guide. However the doc is not very intuitive.

I have a TI pool created but not able to create or associate any LDEV (V-Vol) to that pool. The TI pool also doesn't show up in Command Suite (maybe by design!?), but I can see it in Storage Nav. Anyway, after TI pool done, I created 3 v-vols using the LDEV wizard, they are the same size/blocks to P-vol. After the creation of these V-vols, I see them label as snapshot volume, they don’t seem to associate to any pool. I don’t see an option to put them in my TI pool created earlier.

So when I create a TI pair, it gives me a warning “There is no LDEV that can be assigned to a secondary volume”, but it let me finish creating TI pairs anyhow. So I assume that you can create a TI pair even with that warning. But I’m confused of what V-Vols my TI pairs are using. How are my snapshot volumes I created get used or what are their purpose? Am I missing something?