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Making a shadow image on a thin image target

Question asked by Larry Yeung on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by Larry Yeung

Does HDS Gx00 support this action, make a shadow image on a spitted thin image target?


A-LUN     Production data LUN

B-LUN     Thin image LUN

C-LUN     Shadow image from B-LUN


I am using CCI, want to make a clone copy of the B-LUN (Snap-shot of production data), however, CCI complains the volume status.


# pairdisplay -IM1198 -g si

Group   PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID, LU-M) ,Seq#,LDEV#.P/S,Status, Seq#,P-LDEV# M

si      si_00(L)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  44-0 )411XXX  3205.S-VOL SSUS,-----    2117 W

si      si_00(R)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  52-0 )411XXX  3461.SMPL  ----,-----   ----- -

si      si_01(L)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  45-0 )411XXX  3206.S-VOL SSUS,-----    2118 W

si      si_01(R)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  53-0 )411XXX  3462.SMPL  ----,-----   ----- -

si      si_02(L)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  46-0 )411XXX  3207.S-VOL SSUS,-----    2119 W

si      si_02(R)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  54-0 )411XXX  3463.SMPL  ----,-----   ----- -

si      si_03(L)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  47-0 )411XXX  3208.S-VOL SSUS,-----    2120 W

si      si_03(R)    (CL5-F-254, 0,  55-0 )411XXX  3464.SMPL  ----,-----   ----- -


--- Error when using paircreate ---


COMMAND ERROR  : EUserId for HOMRCF[1198] : root (0)  Tue Aug 15 11:52:20 2017

CMDLINE : paircreate -IM1198 -g si -vl -c 7

11:52:20-f347d-00039996- [paircreate] Pairstatus must be SIMPLEX.: local SSUS, remote SMPL, devname si_00

11:52:20-f3694-00039996- [paircreate][exit(228)]

[EX_INVSTP] Invalid pair status

[Cause ]:The pair status of a target volume isn't appropriate.

[Action]:Please confirm volume status using the pairdisplay command.