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Export Utility fails: Unable to get ExportTool from the server

Question asked by gary johnson on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Mallikarjun BM

Hi, Very new to Hitachi products,  I have recently installed the Export Utility to capture Performance info for a number of G400 arrays. It was working fine for about a week and has suddenly stopped for one of the arrays.It seems to fail because it cannot get ExportTool from the server

05/26 10:48:53 download JSanRmiApiSx.jar from http://??.??.??.??:51099/dev/storage/834000******/htdocs/san/JSanRmiApiSx.jar to H:\Hitachi\export\.\lib\1663D3A0\JSanRmiApiSx.jar

2017/05/26 10:48:54 Unable to get ExportTool from the server : URL="http://??.??.??.??:51099/dev/storage/834000******/htdocs/san/JSanRmiApiSx.jar", code="500"

2017/05/26 10:48:54 ExportLoader fail.

2017/05/26 10:48:54 Delete temporary directory.

2017/05/26 10:48:54  delete JSanExport.jar

2017/05/26 10:48:54  delete .\lib\1663D3A0

2017/05/26 10:48:54  done.

2017/05/26 10:48:54 ExportLoader finish. exitcode=101

Nothing in the environment has changed, has anybody come across this before? It doesn't appear to be network related as we can ip to the storage navigator and the dns resolution is ok. Any ideas would be very welcome.