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raidcom extend ldev error (VSP)

Question asked by didier bournet on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by didier bournet

Hi all,

I tried to extend ldev through command line, but I got following error:


raidcom extend ldev -ldev_id 00:07:80 -capacity 15G -IH150

raidcom: [EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected

It was rejected due to SKEY=0x05, ASC=0x26, ASCQ=0x00, SSB=0xB96B,0xAF2E on Serial#(97450)

CAUSE : Please see User's Guide.



*********** SYSTEM ERROR ***********
P.P.   : RAID Manager for Linux
Model  : RAID-Manager/Linux
Ver&Rev: 01-30-03/03
Release: Production(GA)

   Host: lsm2i025
EUserId: root (0)
Process: 125440

[System Call Error]
SysCall: write
Errorno: 22 (Invalid argument)
ErrInfo: Internal Error
ErrTime: Tue May 30 09:45:02 2017
SrcFile: horcpprc.c
SrcLine: 1853

09:45:02-545ed-00125440- horcwrt():cannot write to command blk


What could be the cause of this issue ? (cmdv issue ? )


Thanks in advance for your feedback.