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Tenant configuration problem on Anywhere

Question asked by EGE MUKAN on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by John Goodman

Hello All,


During a POC ; I'm facing a tenant configuration problem which I could not succeeded to solve.


I have following versions





After I've installed succesfully both VM appliance, during the adding tenants (which I created on HCP) in to Anywhere, if I enable "Use this tenant to store HCP Anywhere system backup data" choice, system gives following error :


"An error occurred while configuring the tenant to store HCP Anywhere system backup data. Please try again."


When I try again, this time I get this error :


"Tenant <name> cannot have any namespaces."


When I check the tenant in HCP, I saw that a new namespace named "database" has already been created.


But, I think because of the former error messages, on Anywhere system status is RED on HCP configuration and there is the warning as follows :


"Configure HCP tenants"


If I delete created namespace and retry the same procedure I get the same errors.


So I stucked here.


Any ideas ?



Technical Comsultant