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Pvol not in sync with Svol

Question asked by Abdul Malik on May 4, 2017

Hi Experts,


i have primary volumes from VSP raid 10 pool with capacity of 60TB and used 45TB. All the volumes (TC)are replicated to secondary site.

i have started to reclaim deleted blocks from esxi using UNMAP command and gain about 1TB free space on primary volumes But the replicated luns on secondary volume not match with current primary volume.

It does not reclaim the pages and still remain the same value as before.


what is the best practice / prior steps to reclaim storage from esxi? How the true copy behaviour after sync(pair).ie ensure the primary blocks match the secondary volume or just write only upcoming data?


Pls advice how to  match the size in this case?


Before reclamation

Raid 10: 45TB - Primary site

Raid 10: 45TB -secondary site


After reclamation

Raid 10: 44TB - Primary site

Raid 10: 45TB - secondary site