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Syslog Files

Question asked by Volker Osswald on May 1, 2017

Hello all,

we have 2x VSP G200 and want to set up Email, Syslog and SNMP.


Now i have some questions:


1. the logfiles which are transferred to the syslog server have all the name of "syslog.localhost" and cannot be identified

from which VSP they come from.

Is there a possibility to name these logfiles on the VSP


2. the alert level is either serious, service or moderate

is there a possibility to change that to the severity of cases ( 1 to 5 )


3. which ip address do we have to specify with a snmpwalk or get for VSP: SVP or CTL?


4. when i specify the object identifier do i get the whole tree behind it, so i get a list of identifiers, which i can use in further commands?


Thanks and best regards, Volker