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how assign space since SVP - web Console ??

Question asked by Adriana De La Rosa on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by Triyono Nugroho

Hi Team - I have a question maybe is ddump or ilogic but i need know if it is possible. I need assign some LUNs (Ldevs) at one ports but I don't have access at the storage Navigator ( external os the array) so I connected by the SVP and I select the Web Console but when I try to allocate the Ldevs the botton of "Add LU Path" is disable even I change the mode of the access by the  bottom  "modify" and the bottom of "Apply" change to available or active

but the bottom Add LU PATH never change.

Do you know the cause?

Any idea ??? or by the SVP is not possible allocate Ldevs ???