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Migrate tuning manager performance data to new tuning manager server

Question asked by Amit Chakraborty on Mar 24, 2017

In our environment we have old tuning manager server (8.1.4) for monitoring HUSVM and HUS150. Recently, we have built up one tuning manager server ( 8.4.1) for new G800 array. We are planning to migrate tuning manager data ( performance report for HUSVM and HUS 150 for last 2 yrs. ) to new tuning manager server being used for G800.


However, the new tuning manager server doesn’t have command device allocated from HUSVM. Only the command device is mapped form G800. Now if we migrate all the performance data for HUSVM from old tuning manager server to new tuning manager server, would we be able to view the historical performance stat for HUSVM from new tuning manager performance report?