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G200 and pool limitations per parity groups

Question asked by Carlos Farias on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Greg Loose



I got 2 new g200 systems each with 9 x 6.4 fmd2 drives.

On one system, I configured only 1 parity group (7+1) and a spare.   The problem I got is that I can't create more than 1 pool on this configuration, even with available volumes.  And with 1 pool, I can't use ThinImage (TI uses dp pool for primary, and ti pool for snapshots).

It's this limitation correct?


On the other system, I configured 2 parity groups (3+1) and a spare.   I can configure one pool on each parity group available volumes (can't configure 3 pools for example).   But with this configuration I'm wasting 1 drive with parity (because i'm not using 7+1).


Is this limitation correct?  Or I am missing some global configuration parameter to allow more than 1 pool per parity group?