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HDT - what constitutes a new tier?

Question asked by Paul Parris on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Mark Perino



I have an HDT pool on a VSP containing:

Tier 1 - 600GB 10K SAS in 2*(R1(2+2))concat

Tier 2 - 3TB 7.2K SATA in R6(6+2)


There is an HDP pool that is now unused (was used for HNAS system drives) containing 600GB 10K SAS in R6(6+2) and I would like to re-use this capacity to increase the capacity of the HDT pool.

If I created new pool-vols in the unused pool and added them to the HDT pool, would it put these into the existing Tier 1?

Or would it create a new Tier 2 and push the SATA to Tier 3?

Is it a supported configuration to have the same type of disk in 2 different RAID configurations in an HDT pool?

What would be the effect on the performance of the pool? Is there a modelling tool that I could use to see the effect of the addition in terms of IOPS, throughput etc? (is HiPace still available?)


Thanks in advance