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HNAS Snapshots

Question asked by Gary Matthews on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Rich Vining


I’m looking to get rid of NBU/NDMP backups on the HNAS . We have two sites DC1 - Actice, and DC2 purely DR . I’ve implemented snapshots on the primary DC1 side , and can easily keep 2 months worth  and our support team are happy using the /~snapshot folders on the shares for recovery.  So I could get rid of the daily/weeklies but the barrier is the offsite backup copies.

We’re using Jetmirror so can’t just snapshot the target DC2 filesystems . I’m looking at the policy definitions of the object replication and I can see you can set it to use a snapshot rule on the target filesystem so could keep the multiple copies of snapshots offsite , but would these constitute a PIT backup? Would there be any way to use these to recover data in DC1 say if a snapshot in DC1 became corrupt? In a DR scenario, if we failed over , could these be used like in DC1 as a /~snapshot recovery folder?