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HCS 8 SSL Setup - Web Client and GUI Interface

Question asked by A000D4B8 on Feb 1, 2017
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I'm researching the SSL setup for HCS 8 between web client and GUI management interface (without SSL, 'http://%:22015/DeviceManagerWebService/index.jsp'). As is with the HDS manuals, the implementation isn't obvious.


  • HCS is installed on a single server
  • HCS v8.1
  • Using Microsoft AD Certificate Services to provide a cert
  • Using both Storage Navigator and Storage Navigator 2

I'm looking at the workflow on page 4-10 of the admin guide (attached). It seems incredibly long-winded for what I want to achieve.

  1. Is that the correct workflow for what I need to achieve?
  2. The Common Component and Device Manager server are one and the same as I'm running on one server?
  3. I'm only interested in SSL for web GUI access, are there any implications for any other components by following this workflow, e.g. Tuning Mgr, Replication Mgr, etc?


Thanks in advance