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Target HDT Pool showing more utilization with object replication

Question asked by Eric Moreno on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Eric Moreno

I have 2 HNAS 4080's using object replication. The HNAS GUI shows the replication running perfectly retaining 2 target side snaphots and each HNAS shows utilization as being equal. My issue is with the back-end storage. Each 4080 is backed by a G600 HDT pool consisting of FMD, 10K, and 7.2K drives. My source G600 shows 40.53TB used, which correlates perfectly with my HNAS GUI from a storage pool level, however, my target G600 shows 64.91TB used which is 87% utilization. I only have 1 HDT pool feeding the 1 span but it seems like the HNAS is reporting free space back to my G600 correctly. I have set no HMO on my Brocade ports for HNAS.

HNAS v.12.7.4221.09