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Raidcom to Add External Volumes

Question asked by Mark Willis on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Mark Willis

When using Storage Navigator for a HUS VM, we have set up a single path group that includes 4 external paths. Each port with a different WWN to a unique port:


Portd ID: 7-D - 50060E8117DF766A

Portd ID: 8-D - 50060E8117DF766B

Portd ID: 7-B - 50060E8117DF766C

Portd ID: 8-B - 50060E8117DF766D


We have made the external devices visible from our G1000 to this HUSVM and discovered them as such. Using the GUI is simple to add external volumes and have the associated path group applied to "add all paths" to the device.


However, when using raidcom to conduct these same tasks, it only wants to apply a single port to a single external volume based upon the syntax of the command:



raidcom add external_grp -path_grp 1 -external_grp_id 1-497 -port CL7-D -external_wwn 50060E8117DF766A  -lun_id 204


If I try running this command again, it will tell me the group already exist and error out, as:

raidcom add external_grp -path_grp 1 -external_grp_id 1-497 -port CL8-D -external_wwn 50060E8117DF766B  -lun_id 204


Is there a modify command for the external_grp or another raidcom add cli command I should be using to add all four of those external paths to the parity groups in raidcom as if does with simplicity in SN?