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HUS VM Reclaim process..

Question asked by Mahendrakumar Ranvir on Jan 2, 2017

Hello All,

I am facing issue while reclaiming the volumes on storage side.

OS: Sunsolaris10.. configured Solaris Volume Manager

Installed on Physical Machine (No virtulisation)

Storage: Hitachi HUS VM.

SAN volumes Size:75 GB

Volume Type: Dynamic Pool Volume (Thin volume)

License: HDvm,HTSM and HRpm.


Problem Descriptions:  I am using Sunsolaris 10 version without multipathing software.

for the same OS, we have allocated 75 GB Volume and copied 75 GB of data by OS admin.. but OS utilization showing 61%  which is wrong  on storage side as it was copied only 50 GB of data on OS. I am not able to understand  why Storage side showing wrong values and how to correct it from any side OS or Storage.

I have tried the below steps to reclaim zero page by Storage Navigator:


selected the volume and started for reclaim zero pages volume in Storage Navigator. but no luck...

refreshed the storage subsystem to reflect the new value in Storage but still no luck the value is showing 61 % used which is wrong.



Tried the same steps in Hitachi Command Suits after completing the zero page reclaim proceess checked the same volume parameters  but no luck.



Main motivation to do this activity is, to release some space from OS which is actually not written by OS and is laid with we are running out off space in Dynamic Pool.

please see the screenshot below.


Please guide me if any alternative to manager zero pages or any other migration steps I have to perform with same box and different Pool.



Thanks for your time and answer in advanced