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snmp / syslog - Question for VSP and G1000

Question asked by A0007696 on Jan 3, 2017



we try to build up an syslo facility for our systems. All the other party with hItrack and so one are working perfect.


I setup SIM Forwarding and Syslog..and so on. But what we get is not what we wont. We miss hardly the error location.


As an example. Thats what we get on our syslog-server:

Dec 19 12:40:13 SYS11  Dec 19 12:40:09 SVP Storage: 1072,Service,SYS11(Serial:*****),SYS11,RefCode : 46230F,DYNAMIC SPARING(DRIVE COPY)NORMAL END

Dec 19 18:05:44 SYS11  Dec 19 18:05:40 SVP Storage: 1073,Service,SYS11(Serial:*****),SYS11,RefCode : 46175E,DYNAMIC SPARING(DRIVE COPY)START

Dec 19 19:34:11 SYS11  Dec 19 19:34:06 SVP Storage: 1074,Service,SYS11(Serial:*****),SYS11,RefCode : EF275E,DRIVE BLOCKADE(EFFECT OF DRIVE COPY NORMAL END)

Dec 19 19:35:00 SYS11  Dec 19 19:34:53 SVP Storage: 1075,Service,SYS11(Serial:*****),SYS11,RefCode : 46275E,DYNAMIC SPARING(DRIVE COPY)NORMAL END

what we miss is the error location on the system. These infoe are in the mail from hitrack - and we wont it into the syslog-server.

"Error location: HDD003-0F"


I have enabled all i can found and whats to enable. But these info was not received.


Do we have a problem or works syslog-forward as designed? HiTrack talk a LOT more than sys or auditlog forward. Like my wife ....