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SNM2 showing different capacity disk numbers

Question asked by Aubrey Truex on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Aubrey Truex

My manager asked me to tell him how much available capacity we have in our HUS110.

In SNM2, on the first screen before I login to my SAN, there is a line Capacity of ALL VOL. The next category is Raw Capacity of All Drives.

I would think the number under the first column, Capacity of ALL VOL, would tell me what the available capacity of my array was.


After I login to my HUS110 unit, then go to Performance > DP Pool Trend > then click on the Show Trend button, I see a new chart with Total Capacity / Consumed Capacity.


Which of these values is the actual usable capacity?

* Capacity of ALL VOL

* Total Capacity


What does the other label that is not usable capacity refer to?