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Failed to install Tuning Manager Agent for RAID

Question asked by Gem w on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by Gerald Kroboth

Hi experts,


I see the following error when I tried to install Tuning Manager Agent for RAID on a windows host. Other than contacting Hitachi customer support, is there any quick suggestion on how to cleanup the system to bypass this error? The following are the details.


- Error message which failed the installation of Tuning Manager Agent for RAID (8.1.0-00):

    "Installation of this product stops because there a product that cannot coexist with it. Error Code : 80 "


- Agent Host Type: Wiindows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, 64-bit OS


- Other software installed on this host : There were a few different HDS software installed on this host including "Device Manager Agent" and "Device Manager Server", I had removed both software before installing TM Agent. Maybe the removal is not clean, just my guess.


- I did some searching online for this error message and found one manual "MK-95HC114-27 Tuning Manager Message", the corrective action of this error message is

   "The installed Tuning Manager series programs might be in an incorrect status. Collect the maintenance information, and then contact the system administrator.".


- Then I tried to find out how to get "maintenance information" and the command "hcmds64getlogs" is required. But on my host, I don't have this command, so cannot  generate the maintenance info.


Now, back to my initial question, is there any quick hint on how to clean up the system?