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HiCommand and refresh of Storage Systems

Question asked by Volker Osswald on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Volker Osswald

I was in Hicommand and have done some configurations for 2 G800, like define Volumes, add these to hostgroups, change pool definitions and so on. sometimes my jobs were cancelled, because some other appl. was "changing" the config. .

first idea was that some others are logged in in SN, but i could not find anybody.

So i disabled all users in SN except hicommand user and tried again some configs. same result: jobs were cancelled because another MGMT appl. was running.

After some research i found that there was an automatic refresh of the G800 in HiCommand ( automatically ).

but why - nobody else has done changes in SN or Hicommand except me.

As far as i know this refresh is done only, when there are changes done by SN ( or CLI? ).

I found some parameters for regarding refresh, but the description is not very clear - at least to me. and i dont have a testsystem to try out some changes in the parameters.

HiCommand Version 8.2.1


Anybody out there who have run into that "problem" also and have a solution?


Thanks for your help. Best regards, Volker