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cow information

Question asked by Alessandro Narzisi on Sep 2, 2016

Hi to all,


in our infrastructure we are using cow snapshots we use cli with horcm configuration more and more time. I would ask to the comunity some  information about this type of local replication:


1) is it possible to know the timestamp of the snapshot? I try to explain well if i created a snapshot one month ago with paircreate -g$GRP -IM$HORCMISTANCE, how can determinate today the timestamp of the snapshot? Now we use a comment on horcm with the date of the snapshot. Is this information write in some parts of the snapshots (i know that in cli log there is a track, but if i delete the log?)


2) is it possible to determinate the duration of parresync -restore ? i see with paircreate that there is a %, but i would know if is it possible calculate the number of block changed and the approsimative time.


Thanks to all and sorry if the answers are stupid.