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Registering HCP with HDvM

Question asked by Tom Locke on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Henk Hindriks

Has anyone done this successfully? There is a firewall between HCP and the HDvM server.  We've opened the following ports per the documentation but still can't connect.  We verified that we can pass SNMP traffic between HCP and HDvM server (also serves as Hi-Track server), but can't get HCP to register with HDvM.   Using the system user credentials for HDvM.  Anything to do on the HDvM server?

HCP v7.2.2.6

HDvM v8.2.1-01


Thanks for the help!


FW Port list

HCP          ->               HDvM

              tcp 22015

              tcp 22016

              tcp 2001

              tcp 2443


               udp 161