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Is clustering HCS VA supported?

Question asked by Marco De Lellis on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by Bhaskar Ramashankar

Hello everybody,


we are setting up two sites replication with GAD volumes.


In order to familiarize with the systems involved, a single Linux HCS VA was deployed for the management of both storage systems ( G200 ) and quorum ( HUS 110 ).


In product documentation we have seen GAD topologies with two HCS systems in active/standby cluster configuration, and we started planning the cluster setup.


Unfortunately, in the "HCS Installation and Configuration Guide", we have found detailed instructions to setup HCS in a cluster environment with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, while HCS VA is shipped with RHEL 7.2.


All of this raises some questions:

  • Is HCS VA cluster setup documented for Red Hat Cluster 7.2?
  • Is HCS VA cluster supported?
  • Is it safer to install HCS cluter with RHEL 6.5?


Hints and suggestions are welcome.