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HUR Replication Manager & SRM

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Lori Cox

I been having issue creating pairs via replication manager V 8.2, command suite 8.2 in windows environment.

In our environment we have four servers with horcm files

primary horcm server where i update the files is HUR\HICMD servers paired between prod and DR site

We also have SRM server pair where horcm resides, the error indicated i cannot ( replication manager) cannot update horcm files there, even though our primary server from which

i pair is the main server for HUR\HTI and not SRM servers.

There is no issue starting the horcm services on either server and all files are valid, HDvM agent on SRM server does have error "unable to update the file" i am not sure how to add permissions ( not much changed in working environment) that will give our primary server the right to modify the files on SRM server horcm files.

Horcm files on SRM server are needed for SRM to conduct fail over and they contain same devices as in main horcm files.

Its worth noting that i had no issue adding a differnt dev to same horcm files using replication manager to a differnt CTG, few days ago.

SRA\SRM versions are apx 6.


Every time i try to create a pair it fails with error unable to edit  hormcm file on SRM server.

An attempt to edit configuration file has failed ( pair management server=servername, instance number =instance number)


The pair management server does not recognize the specified LU or system configuration cannot manage an lu that uses the virtual storage machine info ( RPM-03341)