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how to recover S-VOL data using horcm

Question asked by George Slenker on Jun 25, 2016

I need to recover data from ldevs that were replicated using horcm. I have never recovered data from a copy before. just split and resynced.


I have 1st copy of data on prod array. TC_copy on secondary array, SI_copy also on secondary array.

pairdisplay shows 100% paired, between 1st and TC copy and also between TC copy and SI copy.


I need to recover the data from the TC copy. Do I have to split the TC copy and split the SI copy? (will replication to SI copy continue or do I need to stop SI replication?)


What is the best way to replicate from the TC_copy back to the Prod copy using paircreate command?

What paircreate options do I use to copy the S-vol to the Primary  (1st) copy?