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HDI Cache not Stubbing on Threshold

Question asked by Malcolm Gibbs on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by Ramachandran Lakshminarayanan



I have a demo HDI/HCP environment. HDI version is 6.0.3-00


I created a small file-system and set the stubbing threshold really low at 10% to get as many files stubbed as possible (as I want to test recall from HCP).


$ sudo arcreplimitget --file-system cfs02

Replication limit rest size : 10%


I have populated the file-system (with 4,860 10MB files) and the cache is at 89.98% utilised as below.


~$ sudo fslist cfs02

List of File Systems:

The number of file systems(1)

File system(used by)    : cfs02

Total disk capacity(GB) : 50.000

Block used(GB)          : 42.720

Block free(GB)          : 4.755

I-node used             : 5309

I-node free             : 30457091

Mount status            : rw

Quota                   : on


I was expecting stubbing to kick in almost immediately as I created the files, but the cache sits stubbornly at nearly 90%.


Any thoughts on how to get stubbing triggered or even better how do you manually stub a file.