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How do I remove a data migration path on HNAS? Status shows OK (links exist).

Question asked by Henry Lacanlale on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Henry Lacanlale

Hello, I'm not sure if this question may have been asked before.  I'm trying to perform some cleanup on an HNAS file system and I was trying to get rid of an NFS virtual volume.  I'm able to remove the export but not get rid of the volume itself because some time back, I created a data migration path so when the volume/filesystem reached a certain threshold, some of the data would go to another filesystem (sort of like creating a link to a unix filesystem that is out of space, all new writes go to the link).


The message I get when trying to get rid of the data migration path is "Error deleting migration path for file system "CIFS_NFS_FS10", virtual volume "/vol/us_nishome3": Migration path cannot be changed when already used".  I no longer need this NFS volume.  I've been able to remove the policy/schedule and data migration rule but not the migration path.


What's the best way to perform the clean up?




Henry Lacanlale