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HTnM Agent for RAID setup

Question asked by A000F7F3 on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by A000F7F3

Hello friends, setting up a  new machine with HCS + HTnM 8.4.0-02, also installed HTnM Agent for RAID 8.4.0-01. Storage arrays are visible in HCS (HDvM) and I am able to refresh.


Now trying to setup the agent instances with the jpc commands


Mapped 2 Command Device LUNs mapped as RAW devices to the VM, initialized and online, not formated or assigned a drive letter.


Running the jpctdlistraid command to see the Command Devices adresses returns this result, what could I be missing?


KAVF18700-I The detection of the monitorable storage system has begun.
"PRODUCT"         ,"SERIAL"  ,"LDEV"    ,"SLPR","PORT" ,"DEVICE_FILE"          ,
KAVF18710-W No storage system that can be monitored exists.
KAVF18701-I The detection of the monitorable storage system has ended.


Thank you!