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creating a volume for a host

Question asked by SURFRAZ NAWAZ on Apr 7, 2016
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i am finding it very hard and confusing to create a volume for a host in the VSP. The Parity Groups are there 1-1 through 1-4.

1.     Are the Parity Groups ,  an array of physical disks drives  that are in RAID or a group that contains one or many array of physical disk drives that are in RAID separately. Example Parity Group 1-1 is that one array of physical disks in RAID say 5(3D+1P) or a groups of such RAID arrays ?

2.     what is LDEV ? is it the RAW space given by a RAID array say the RAW space we get after 3D+1P combination ?? Example say we have 10 GB of 4 disk , so 30 GB is the LDEV , right ??

3. where from do we create a volume , the "create LDEV" option is everywhere in "Hitachi Storage Navigator". HOw do we create a volume for the host ?

4.     while crating a volume for the host, do we start from the parity group , by creating LDEV and then creating a pool from these LDEVs ??


These things are so confusing and complex. i tried reading the manuals but nothing is specific, and in India the training cost is very high and i won't be able to bear the cost.


.....Please Help.

Thanks and Regards,

Surfraz Nawaz.