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HCP chained link tenant not replicating

Question asked by Gary Matthews on Apr 6, 2016


We're currently migrating from a HCP V6 system to a HCP V7 system in another domain. We're currently replicating from the V6 to V7 system successfully , but as part of the failover, the V7 system has to be replicating ok to the offsite HCP system. The V7 system has a link up and running and we're successfully replicating our enterprise vault tenant . I've set up a chained link for the V6 >V7 and the offsite HCPs show these tenants as successfully replicating. But when I look at the tenants in te offsite HCPs there is no GB used or no objects ingested. We need to decommission the V6 system by the end of the month so need to get this sorted, any one have any ideas? TIA