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CoW / TI Questions

Question asked by Swee-Chin Liem on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by Swee-Chin Liem

Hi Experts,


Sorry that I'm pretty new to these CoW / TI and have some questions would to clarify further.

  1. What will happens to existing snapshot copies if CoW / TI pool is in "Warning" / "Blocked" status? Are all copies become unusable?
  2. Snapshot copies will remain usable even CoW / TI pool is in "Shrinking" / "Exceeded Threshold" status right?
  3. A catastrophic failure on PVOL will also corrupt the VVOL data and restores from the VVOL might not be possible right?
  4. If the data change rate is high, will restoration of CoW / TI (VVOL to PVOL) faster than ShadowImage (SVOL to PVOL)?


That's all, thank you!