Which modern API stack are you most interested in?

Poll created by Michael Hay Employee on Jun 21, 2014

There are several and some are associated to IoT while others are about IT.  I'm trying to get a sense of what people are using to connect and control data sources and application engines as well as IT infrastructure.

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  • It is an OpenStack world. Embrace it or you will be burned to a Cinder.
  • Open what, stack how? Really I'm a die hard SNMP, SMI-S, WMI, etc. user. Go proprietary APIs!
  • Wait I thought that CloudStack was winning the cloud infrastructure management world.
  • I'm an IoT person and prefer MQTT.
  • As long as it is RESTful I will consume it.
  • Wait I thought that SQL was the only thing that matters!
  • I wish the world would embrace Twitter as a messaging API for IoT, IT, etc.
  • Other, please describe below.