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Midrange Storage Virtualization is Business Critical

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Apr 16, 2015

84% of IT organizations agreed with the following statement: “Having a low-cost midrange platform that can consolidate heterogeneous systems into a single virtual resource would greatly reduce complexity and cost in my datacenter.”

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Perhaps that's like asking if you’d like to be good looking and rich without any catch. Think about it though. If you are an IT organization dealing with multiple incompatible storage systems, and you really could reduce complexity and take out cost, wouldn’t you want to consider the options? Of course you would and the next question would be “How much will it cost?”


Reduce The Money You Pay, Increase the Money You Save

44% of IT organizations indicate that storage virtualization reduced storage cost per unit by 25% or more while 56% of IT organizations increased storage utilization up to 40% or more with virtualized storage.


The primary reason it works so well is the consolidation of many type of storage which simplifies management, migration and achieving consistent service levels. 63% of IT organizations chose Hitachi Storage Virtualization to consolidate and simplifyIT Architect, Large Enterprise Insurance Company “Storage virtualization has simplified management as we’ve grown. Also, it has allowed us to migrate from external arrays as they come off maintenance without impact to users.”


Show Me The Money, Maguire! (Where Savings Come From)

The following chart outlines 3 simulations where Hitachi storage virtualization was able to significantly reduce total cost of ownership. The baseline refers to nonvirtualized systems that do not benefit from common management or nondisruptive migration. Specifically, the various categories are reduced due to simplified end of life migration, centralized storage management, consolidated hardware and software maintenance, and lower environmental operating costs.


It’s So Easy To Fall In Love (with HDS virtualization)

We often hear that it must be complex, that it’s only available on the high end platforms and has a reputation for failures. Not so with our technology. IT Architect, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company  “Hitachi virtualization actually works as advertised, unlike many others.” IT Director, Medium Enterprise Retail Company “Being able to virtualize our storage and manage and move data on the fly has been a game changer for us. "


“The Hitachi storage platform with virtualization means we can consolidate our hardware at the same time as boosting our hosting capabilities, meaning lower data centre operating costs and enabling us to run our IT more economically over the long term.” — Graeme Hinchliffe, Senior Systems Designer, Zen Internet


But Wait, Isn’t This Only For Fortune500 Accounts? Uhm… No.

Now imagine these abilities to reclaim space, simplify migration and ease management were available to you at your price point?