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Accelerate Your Journey to Innovation with New HCP Capabilities

Blog Post created by Tim Desai Employee on Sep 26, 2018

Disruptive Innovation

Today, we announced exciting developments in our object storage-based Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) product portfolio that fortify its ability to help customers address both traditional and contemporary IT challenges and initiatives and evolve to a digital workplace.



Much like the iPhone disrupted the cell phone, MP3 player as well as the camera industry, we believe HCP is strategically on the path to disrupt the cloud gateway and collaboration markets.  Independently, object storage, sync & share, gateways and analytics are existing technologies that are slowly maturing.  However, when integrated together in a cohesive portfolio, these products enable new solutions for new markets that enable organizations to Store their data, Enrich it with metadata, Activate data using policies that leverage metadata, and Monetize data to provide new revenue streams and business strategies.  If you only focus on each portfolio technology independently, it’s not possible to see the whole picture.  No one else has organically created an object storage product portfolio.  We’re a leader; we’re continuously investing in innovation, we’re targeting untapped markets, and we continue to refine all of our solutions every year.



Based on the new features and capabilities, the HCP portfolio extends the scope of governance, particularly in the cloud.  It also optimizes for the cloud by increasing performance and scale to allow organizations to more easily consolidate multiple application workloads on a single platform, which helps HCP achieve over 60% percent lower cost of ownership versus using public cloud alone. We also improved productivity through the modernization of file services by extending the boundaries of the digital workplace to deliver sync-based file services at the edge.  These topics come up very frequently during our conversations with customers.



Announcement Details


Hitachi Content Platform:  Provides greater compliance in the cloud, whether private or hybrid clouds. The latest enhancements expand the range and number of cloud workloads supported by HCP, provide integration with leading data protection and big data applications, and more.


    • Compliance enforcement in the public cloud:  New S3 extensions enable the use of HCP compliance capabilities, such as retention and privileged delete, for application data ingested via the S3 API.
    • Retention enhancements:  More robust event-based retention to align with stringent requirements such as DoD 5015.02-STD - Electronic Records Management and SEC17a.
    • Replicate before tiering:  Enhanced tiering automation capabilities provide a global data protection level across multiple sites and improve data durability while optimizing capacity and reducing costs.
    • Protection against cybersecurity risks: Beyond compliance, HCP regularly undergoes third-party security audits and incorporates continuous, incremental updates to stay ahead of the latest threats. 
    • Cloud-native compatibility: HCP now adds even stronger compatibility with the industry-standard Amazon S3 cloud API. This allows HCP to support new use cases and an ever-expanded ISV application ecosystem. Organizations can now use HCP with leading big data applications to deliver significant cost savings by offloading content from tier-one storage.
    • Flexible deployment options:  In addition to software-only and appliance models, adding VMware vSAN support allows HCP to be run in hyperconverged environments such as Hitachi Vantara’s Unified Compute Platform (UCP) to ensure availability, performance, and reliability. A best practices guide is available for HCP deployments.

HCP Anywhere; Introducing HCP Anywhere Edge:
HCP Anywhere makes the next generation of file services a reality with the introduction a new option that enables HCP cloud-based file services at remote and branch offices. HCP Anywhere Edge applies HCP Anywhere’s cutting-edge file sync technology to efficiently and proactively protect file data to HCP.


    • Cloud file services:  HCP Anywhere Edge file services is a new option that brings the innovative sync technology of HCP Anywhere for user devices to remote and branch offices. This new cloud storage gateway option helps right-size and consolidate file servers at the edge by keeping only active data in local storage while allowing easy access to large amounts of data from the private or hybrid HCP cloud in customers’ datacenters.
    • Native Windows compatibility:  HCP Anywhere Edge file services natively support Microsoft Windows SMB 2 and 3 to reduce management overhead and eliminate the complexity of integrating, updating, testing and supporting the latest Windows updates.
    • File Data Protection:  HCP Anywhere Edge provides proven data protection and easy recovery from user error, device failures and cyberattacks like ransomware while eliminating the need for traditional backups. It also simplifies and centralizes data protection and management for multiple user and edge devices from a single point of management.  

Hitachi Content Intelligence; Introducing Content Monitor:  Scale and manage more data with less overhead with new option of Hitachi Content Intelligence. With Hitachi Content Monitor, organizations can aggregate and visualize system metrics from multiple HCP clusters into customizable dashboards. This enables deeper insights into HCP behavior, so customers can continue to scale and manage more data with less overhead.


    • Enhanced system and performance monitoring:  Aggregate and visualize system metrics from multiple HCP clusters into customizable dashboards enabling deeper insights into HCP behavior.
    • Improved Telemetry:  Increase HCP signaling to enable data collection by Hitachi Content Monitor for better insights and actions.


New Awards:  HCP recently won a Fortress Cyber Security award as well as the Stratus Cloud Computing award.


The Recipe for Extracting Data Value


The value delivered by the latest HCP portfolio feature introductions builds on demonstrated success across over 2,100 customers.  Furthermore, HCP increases profitability along with an over 60% cost of ownership advantage over public cloud services alone, according to analyst firm ESG.


HCP represents the central information fabric, or central data hub, for all business data with services to modernize the core and enable those digital transformation strategies. It’s with these products and capabilities in mind and the challenges that they help customers navigate that we believe the HCP portfolio represents the ideal vehicle for customers to make the journey to object storage innovation.


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