John Camins

Transforming Retailers IT with Cognizant and Hitachi Data Systems

Blog Post created by John Camins Employee on Jan 12, 2016

Capture1.PNGLooking ahead, organizations will continue to be under intense pressure to operate business in real-time. This applies to decision-making processes and all aspects of enterprises. In order to remain competitive in increasingly digital business environments and to predict changes before they happen, organizations must consider the underlying infrastructure supporting their businesses in order to accelerate, utilize, manage, and store information. A foundational infrastructure that can help operate at the speed of business is essential in verticals such as retail. As a retail organization, there is the need to continue enhancing the customer experience while maximizing your internal efficiency.  Instantaneous access, changes, and predictions are key to retail success.  Infrastructure that allows for simplicity, insight, and agility will accelerate business outcomes.


Common Retail Business and Technology Challenges:

  • Retail organizations are striving to achieve a balance in their IT budgets between ensuring sustained operations and investing in innovative technologies to improve the customer experience, increase agility and reduce cost.  They want to manage their operations, marketing, merchandizing, supply chain, and finance all in one place.
  • Retail IT departments are under pressure to accelerate delivery of application-driven innovation with quality and consistency. They need greater visibility into their customers, product sales, and suppliers to improve their financial performance. They are expected to adopt an application environment to balance speed, scale, cost, quality and risk. Legacy application environments fall short in delivering those capabilities.
  • Retail companies are recognizing the benefits of adopting hybrid IT infrastructure models; however, many operations and application management tools and systems do not yet support this model. As a result, applications are slow to be provisioned, systems are unstable, and the benefits of adopting new-age transformation models - such as increased revenues and profitability - occur in months, not days.
  • For retail organizations seeking to optimize their current infrastructure to drive innovation, avoiding the common pitfalls of data center consolidation/migration is challenging. Often the knowledge and skills required to deploy innovative tools and techniques, while leveraging onsite/offshore delivery models are in short supply – negatively impacting IT service reliability and costs.


In most cases, retailers are seeking guidance in order to solve these day-to-day business challenges.  It is important that retailers consider the breadth of their options in order to improve business processes and the customer experience. Recent research sponsored by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), SAP, and Intel explains how managing data is a key component for enterprises, and how the breadth of our technological capabilities are extended through partnership with Cognizant.Together, HDS and Cognizant solve these business challenges and guide retailers to deliver outcomes that support their enterprises and their customers.


HDS and Cognizant provide the following benefits:

  • To address the challenge of managing business applications in one place, HDS and Cognizant offer a holistic hybrid cloud solution that maximizes efficiency, while ensuring predictability and repeatability in the way applications are deployed, regardless of environment. With a pre-validated, integrated and private cloud ready solution, we deliver a complete converged infrastructure portfolio through the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform that deploys quickly to support a variety of mission-critical workloads, applications and virtualized environments.  We also offer the flexibility to utilize public cloud providers for the right workloads. Cognizant offers the design, build, transformation and management services to help reach your cloud goals.
  • This cloud solution can be extended to mature your DevOps initiatives, giving you the tools, processes and infrastructure environment to support a more integrated application and operations team.
  • Also key to moving technology organizations toward IT as a Service, automation allows management across all layers of the infrastructure, from monitoring through governance, with a cohesive, repeatable framework.  Application-specific provisioning and protection policies with advanced infrastructure management increase productivity and allow businesses to offer a differentiated and accelerated customer experience.  Cognizant’s OnTarget is a new-age architectural model with automation, analytics, discover and provisioning capabilities, as well as cockpit visibility across services, leveraging a variety of data types integrated with Hitachi platforms.
  • To help retailers maximize their current application environments, Cognizant’s data center consolidation and migration services will help organizations evaluate their current state and suggest a suitable roadmap for planning and migration to the future steady state.  HDS leverages our enterprise class non-disruptive storage virtualization capabilities to migrate and consolidate application data maximizing infrastructure efficiency at the lowest cost possible.   Together we ensure minimal impact to retail businesses by deploying uniform solutions that address an end-to-end data center migration, covering both infrastructure and application.


As retailers look to continue evolving their technology strategy, HDS and Cognizant deliver innovative solutions to complex business and technology problems.  For more information, check out Cognizant Infrastructure Services and HDS Technology Solutions...