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Update to v1.1.4.18 failed for a 5 node cluster

Question asked by Eckhard Roeser Employee on Jul 30, 2017
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I have updated my 5 node cluster (3x Master + 2x Worker) to v1.1.4.18. But not without any hurdles to take.

In my first try the update failed after 161 steps because one worker was "down". There was no indication in VMWare that the VM was down. But the instance did stop working for whatever reasons.


I used to restart the guest OS in VMWare for this instance and the update process resumed where it stopped two days ago.


In total there were 358 steps to go. After 315 the UI has logged me out and it seemed that the update has finished.


It took a long about 1.5 hours for the total run (both attempts).


It is a lab environment running with Fedora 24.


If you are interested, I have created a video of this for better demonstration.


Which log file is best to monitor what is ongoing in the back?