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Command Suite and HNAS integration

Question asked by Nils Vogels on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by Michael Ratner



I'm working on integrating Command Suite 7.5 (Win) with a new setup of HNAS 3080's, but for some reason I'm stuck at the authentication between the HDvM and HNAS.


It seems that HNAS does not accept any password I've given to HDvM in an attempt to add the device. Subsequently, I'm having only partial functionality in Command Suite available. This is strange, since I've gotten it to work in other installs? Also, other devices register fine with the HCS server, so that seems fine as well.


So, what I'm doing:




HCS Server IP:


1) In HNAS, I add HCS server with user "system" and the default password

2) In HCS, I go to Administration > Managed Resources > File Servers, select the fileserver, and click "Edit". In the Admin Services IP, I fill in, and as username and password I've tried "admin", "manager" and "supervisor" as well as a self-created admin account. All result in a discoverytask failing with the message "Authentication at the file server failed. Make sure the user ID and password are correct, and then try again. (error details = request requires HTTP authentication: Unauthorized) (KAIC05118-E)".


I'm kind of at a loss here .. anyone have any ideas?