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HORCM failure !

Question asked by phyo maung on Jan 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by phyo maung

Hi Everyone !


         When i try to start the command >>> horcmstart

cannot start. help me please. Thanks.


Let me show u what i doing the procedure for the CCI.

I just create two volumes which is for the Command Devices as a 50MB and added to the command device in HUS 130.

Then, i map this 2 volumes to the Host via 0E(iSCSI). In the windows environments, i rescan the disk ( not Mount ).

I install the CCI software under c:\HORCM


Then I create 2 files which is horcm0.conf and horcm1.conf   


For horcm0.conf    >>>


#ip_address        service        poll(10ms)    timeout(10ms)      horcm0          1000              3000



#dev_name                dev_name                dev_name



for horcm1.conf     >>>

#ip_address        service        poll(10ms)    timeout(10ms)      horcm1          1000              3000



#dev_name                dev_name                dev_name


Then, i paste this 2 files to the path



Then, Configure c:\windows\system32\drivers\ets\services file and add two lines at the and of the file. Mind port numbers are different

              horcm0    11000/udp    # hormc0

              horcm1    11001/udp    # hormc1


Then, i type


          C:\HORCM\etc>set HORCMINST=0

          C:\HORCM\etc>set HORCM_CONF=c:\horcm\etc\horcm0.conf