• HUR target won't mount

    We have a pair of G800's running a support (not latest) level of code.  We are using Device Manage to manage our HUR pairs and have DR tests on a regular basis but have never seen this issue.   We break the...
    Jim Staszko
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  • Nondisruptive migration from VSP to G400

    Hello, We are planning to migrate data from VSP to G400 using Hitachi Command Suite. Could someone suggest me please the best way to do it in nondisruptive migration way.   Thanks in advance!
    Rolandas Saulys
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  • VSP G200/400/600 service processor (SVP) as VMware VM

    Does anybody now if this is an already supported option?
    Werner Eggli
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  • Migration data from VSP to G1000

    Hi Guys,   We are planning to migrate data from VSP to G1000 could you please suggest me the way to do it.I would really appreciate if any of you guys provide your ideas with some step by step documentation. ...
    Varun Vejella
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  • How can a category for the VSP Gxxx array be created

    is there a plan to create a question category for this product set?
    Chuck Strickland
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  • VSP G series

    Hi everyone, can you tell me about Hitachi vsp g series ?
    Zaw Min Oo
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  • Gx00 1Gb?

    Has anyone tried connected to a 10Gb port to a 1Gb port?  I'm interested to know if it will negotiate downwards or it we is fixed to 10Gb
    Cris Danci
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  • Benefit of RAID 6 (6D+2P) over RAID 5 (7D+1P) in High capacity disks

    Hi,   I would to know the benefit of RAID 6 (6D+2P) over RAID 5 (7D+1P) in high capacity disks (like 3.2 TB SSD/FMD or 4 TB SATA) other than double protection. What would be impact in the long run if we have cr...
    Showkat Ahmad
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  • VSP G600 cache partition?

    Hello guys,   The VSP G600 has Cache partition? If it do, is posible create a virtual machines inside the VSP G600 and assign it the required cache?   If you have some documents, i will be appreciated. ...
    Carlos Perez Silva
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  • G400 Initial Setup - service of the storage system is started

    Hi all,   we try to setup the G400 Storage System with an SVP (Pre-Unit) and we have trouble to start the initial startup process, see below:   Can someone help me with this problem?   Thanks ... ...
    Martin Villringer
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  • Command Suite and HID failing to talk to G400

    So I have Command Suite not identifying the model from the license key, and I get the following error KAIC05603-E when trying to add it.  Also HID can see the array but fails to pull information in properly. ...
    John Nicholson
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  • iSCSI with VMware question

    Looking in HID and Command Suite I'm not finding any option for assigning an iSCSI IQN to an ESXi host. Oddly I can do this with Windows hosts.  Is iSCSI not supported with VMware? (there are HCL entries for it)...
    John Nicholson
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  • Hitachi VSP Midrange Family

    Hello,   Anyone has a video or presentation that presents the new hitachi VSP mid range family? I Want to show it to customers.   Thanks and Regards.
    Carlos Perez Silva
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  • How do I replace an FMD?

    Can I replace a flash module drive (FMD) and where can I find instructions?
    Kazuha Misumi
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