Simple HCS REST API Test Examples

Document created by Jeff Maaks Employee on Mar 26, 2016
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You show now have your own Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) environment available to test against.  If not, feel free to use the remote HCS REST API test environment at (documented below).  The examples in this section will be performed against this test environment via a web browser.



Obtain a List of Storage Systems




Remote HCS REST API Test Environment


A remote environment for testing the Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) REST API is available at  Since this is a shared environment, the state at any given time is not guaranteed.  Arrays may or may not be registered with Command Suite, and the configuration of each array is in whatever state the previous user left it.


The following arrays are available:


ModelInternal IDStorage System ModelSerial NumberSVP IP Address
HUS VMHM70073000021094510.197.73.216
VSP G800HM800H83600041002510.197.76.99
VSP G400HM800M834000400040172.16.154.1
VSP G200HM800S832000400020172.16.152.1
VSP G1000R800800000300000172.16.140.1