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Enterprise Offline Viewer v1.2.0a





Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV) is a tools that can view configuration (offline) for Hitachi Enterprise Storage Subsystem, extract all data to HTML/CSV/Excel, build raidcom script, horcm & etc.





If you have problems, question, suggestion & request key to use this application, please mail to me: eriek.r@gmail.com.


If you requesting Registration Key, please send your HardwareID (click menu Help>HardwareID) inside email body.

Please take a note that my registration key will working if ONLY English Language as default language & input on your Windows O/S.





I.    General notice

II.  Minimum system requirements

III. How to use

IV.  Application Hotkeys

V.    Application Menu structure & specific notice


I. General notice

  • Only support VSP, VSP Gx000, VSP Gx00, HUSVM, USPV & USPVM.
  • All capacity base is from block size then converted to [MB/GB/TB/PB] using base Two (default) calculation, please modify settings if you want custom value.
  • For detail update & features please open CHANGE.LOG or click “Help>Change Log”


II.  Minimum system requirements

Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV) already test & running well on Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 environment.

For windows 8 or 10, you must do below instructions before use Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV):

  • Open Windows Command Prompt by right click the icon then “Run as Administrator”.

  • Goto EOV directory
  • Execute this command:

regsvr32.exe MSCOMCTL.OCX


III. How to use

Before you use this application you must have valid configuration (*.CSV) that already dump/create from Hitachi Enterprise Storage Subsystem.


  • How to get CSV configuration files

This step explaining how to Get CSV configuration files from storage subsystem.

    • EOV

          *Goto File>Download Report to download & extract configuration report

Please take a note

- if you downloading not from SVP, port 5543 must be open.

- download from HiTrack is only for HDS Internal


    • Storage Navigator  
      Get CSV SN.jpg
      Above step only work for On VSP, VSP G1000, VSP Gx00 & HUSVM storage, because we can directly get CSV configuration files via Storage Navigator.


    • Hitrack

        ONLY for HDS internal, we can download CSV configuration files via hitrack.hds.com

Get CSV HiTrack.jpg


    • SVP

  Below step is normal procedure to get & create CSV configuration files:


  Get DKC200 configuration files

      • RDP to SVP
      • Change mode into “Modify Mode” on SVP application
      • Click Install
      • Click “Copy Config Files”
      • Click “Create Configuration Backup”

         Get Cfg SVP.png


   Convert DKC200 configuration files to CSV configuration files using Hitachi Configuration Print Out  application:

      • Extract svp_conf.tgz using WinRAR/WinZIP/7ZIP
      • Open “Offline Tools” (Configuration Print Out)

           OFfline Tools.png   


Install “Offline Tools” from “Document & Programs DVD”, after install. On start menu this folder will created:

        • VSP : RAID700 Offline Tool
        • HUSVM: Offline Tool V73
        • USPV/USPVM: RAID600 Offline Tool


      • Click Create
      • Check Output Directory (many *.csv files will be created on there)


  • Start using Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV)


Open EOV.exe, then goto File>Open or press Ctrl+O

Open directory that contains *.csv

            EOV Help #0.0.jpg

Open from Repository























Open File>Settings if you want customize Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV)EOV Help #1.0.jpg


Sample screenshot (Table View) Pool configuration from Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV).

EOV Help #2.0.jpg


Sample screenshot (Detail View) Pool configuration from Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV).

EOV Help #3.0.jpg


Sample screenshot Custom Report from Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV).

            EOV Help #4.0.jpg


IV.  Application Hotkeys


  • F5          
  • Table View:  Refresh all data
  • Detail View: Refresh selected data
  • F12:  Display “Setting Dialog”
  • Ctrl + O:  Display “Open Dialog”
  • Ctrl + F:  Display “Filter Dialog”
  • Ctrl + T:  Toggle OnTop (On/Off)
  • Ctrl + X:  Exit
  • Ctrl + C:  Copy selected record when focus on ListView Table or textbox
  • Ctrl + E:  Copy selected record when focus on ListView then export to Excel
  • Ctrl + A:  Select All record when focus on ListView Table or textbox
  • Shift + A: UnSelect All record when focus on ListView Table
  • Alt + C:  Copy all data on “Detail View” to clipboard
  • Alt + E:  Export all data on “Detail View” to Excel
  • Esc         

When at:     

    • Table View:      exit form
    • Filter View:     go back to Table View
    • Detail View:     go back to Table View
  • Navigation on Detail View:
    • Arrow Down/Right:       Next record
    • Arrow Up/Left:          Previous record
  • Shift + F12:  Show Temporary Cache


V. Application Menu structure & specific notice


Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV)  Menu Structure

  • File
    • Open
    • Open Repository
    • Download Configuration Report
    • History
    • On Top
    • Tools
      • Generate Report
      • Custom Report
      • Raidcom
      • Create HORCM
      • Text Tools
    • Settings
    • Exit
  • Storage Systems
    • Basic Configuration Information
    • Component
      • MP Units*
      • CLPR *
      • CHA*
      • DKA
      • HDU
      • Drives
    • Parity Groups
      • Internal*
      • External*
    • Logical Devices*
    • Pools*
    • Port/Host Groups
      • Host Groups*
      • Hosts
      • Ports
    • External Storages
      • External Volume
      • External Paths
    • License Key
  • Window
    • Tile Horizontally
    • Tile Vertically
    • Cascade
    • Close All
  • Help
    • Change LOG
    • Hardware ID
    • Help



Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV) specific notice

  • You can Copy all contents on every form module then paste to excel or any text editor. (Pls goto File>Settings if you want to change CSV delimiter & others settings.
  • All menu with suffix *, can view more detail by Double clicking on every table if you want to goto specific module/form.
  • Goto “Storage Systems> Basic Configuration Information” to find more configuration information inside CSV files. (This form module similar with “RAIDxxx Offline Tools”)




Below sample video HowTo use EOV:

- General use


- Download Configuration Report from Hitrack Server (HDS Staff Only)


- Custom Report


- Generate Report (HTML)


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