Sharing Articles with Jive Anywhere

Document created by Nick Gable on Jun 9, 2014
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Find an Article or Resource Website that Would Benefit Others in the HDS Community?

Jive Anywhere combines the endless information of the Internet with the collaborative power of the HDS Community.

When you come across something you'd like to discuss with your peers in the HDS Community, such as an article about the latest on storage virtualization or trends in the most innovative IT organizations, you can now use Jive Anywhere to connect all those conversations. Rather than copying and pasting a URL or copying the content of the article, you can share the link and start a discussion with the click of a button once you have Jive Anywhere installed in your browser.

Installing Jive Anywhere in Your Browser (Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome)

  1. Go to Your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen > Tools
  2. Click Download for under Jive Anywhere. Jive Anywhere detects the current browser, if supported, and installs the appropriate extension or plugin.
  3. You should be redirected to the Jive Settings page. If you don't see this page, then click the Discuss tab to the top right of your browser. When the panel slides out, click the gear icon at the top and select Settings.
  4. Type the HDS Community URL in the Your Jive Instance URL field to connect Jive Anywhere to your community. For example, type
  5. Click Connect to complete the process. The field becomes green when successfully connected.

Creating a Discussion about a Web page (from a web page)Use the following steps to create a discussion and get people talking about a web page. The Discuss tab will turn yellow when a page is already being discussed in your community.

  1. Using a browser with Jive Anywhere installed, open a web page.
  2. Click the Discuss tab on the right side of your browser.  You'll see a list of every piece of content that mentions this web page and you have permission to view.
  3. Click Start a new discussion to discuss this page in the HDS Community community.
  4. When the Jive Anywhere discussion dialog opens, it uses the web page name as the discussion title. You can use the web page name or type a new title by clicking in the title's field.
  5. To create either a discussion in a place or a private discussion:
    • To create a discussion in a place, type or select the HDS Community place name, Cloud, for example, to contain the discussion. Note: You can select Entire Community if you want your discussion to show up in everyone's Activity stream.
    • To create a private discussion, select one or more community users who should see this discussion in the "To" field. Use the visibility fields in the Jive Anywhere viewer to see who is included in a private discussion.
  6. Type your discussion content in the text box.
  7. Select Mark as Question if you want this discussion to be known as a question when it gets posted to your community.
  8. Click Add Snapshot if you want to capture some portion of the web page and post it along with your discussion.
  9. Click Post.