Endorse Other People for their Skills and Expertise

Document created by Nick Gable on Jun 9, 2014
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Skills and expertise is an expanded concept that will allow you to identify users by their expertise in the community.  Just a few clicks and you are helping the community search become better at identifying the people with the abilities that can help other community members.

Did someone recently answer one of your questions and answer it well?  You can go to that person's profile and endorse him or her for skills on that particular topic.

  1. Go to that person's profile either by clicking on his name in the discussion thread or searching on her name in Spotlight search.
  2. In the Skills and Expertise section on the right-hand side of the screen, check to see if that topic is already showing in the list.  If it is, hove over the term and click on the + sign to add your endorsement.
  3. If the topic is not already in the list, click Endorse.
  4. Type in the topic term for which this person has expertise.  If your topic has been used before it will be auto-suggested to you in a list - choose from the list.  (You can enter multiple terms at once.)  Click Endorse.
  5. If this was a new topic, the person you just endorsed will receive a notification of your endorsement so he can accept or decline it.  If it is accepted it will now show up in his list for everyone to see as well as search upon.