Truecopy states

Document created by Sebastian Dobre on Apr 30, 2014
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Normaly in a truecopy replication state we see different codes telling us teh health of the pairs. Here are the most common ones. Don’t forget that P-VOL represents the primary volume (the one being replicated) and the S-VOL represents the secondary volume (the one replicating to).

CodeStateDetailsReplicatingS-VOL state
SMPLsimplexThis volume is not part of any replications relationships. The host can access the volumeNo Read-Write
PAIRpaired This volume has finished synchronization and it's in a relationship active.ActiveRead Only
COPYcopying This volume is performing the initial copy operation.In progressRead Only
PSUSPair Suspended-Split The volume is splitNO but resumableN/A
SSUSSecondary Suspended-Split The S-VOL is accesible to the host for read or read/write operationsNO but resumableR/W if pairsplit done with -rw
PSUEPair suspend – error The pair is in a error state and not replicatingNO but restartable (will start from 0% again)Read Only
PSUFPair Full Sidefile Pair is split due to a sidefile full. NO but restartable (will start from 0% again)Read Only
PDUB????When using LUSE volumes this code tells you that one of the LDEVs within the LUSE has failed.NO but restartable (will start from 0% again)Read Only
SSWSSecondary suspended With Swap for failover.-

Here are the status states for paircreate/pairsplit and parresync

StatusPaircreate CopyPaircreate NocopyPairsplit -r or -rwPairsplit -PPairsplit -SPairresync