Hitachi Vantara Community FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Hitachi Vantara Community is here to help you get the most out of your investment in, and relationship with, Hitachi Vantara. It lets you build relationships, and connect customers, prospects, partners and Hitachi Vantara employees in new ways.


This FAQ is an overview of the community culture and rules. If you have a technical question, please refer to our How do I...? FAQ.


General Community Information

  • What are the benefits of Hitachi Vantara Community for users?
    • Collaborate, network and learn from other professionals interested in Hitachi Vantara products, solutions and services.
    • Exchange best practices that accelerate the successful deployment of Hitachi Vantara products, solutions and services.
    • Connect with like-minded individuals and peers.
    • Share expertise and Hitachi Vantara thought leadership.
    • Share insights and innovations.
    • Gain further influence with the company.
    • Be recognized by peers
    • Help software developers create new applications and adapt existing technology to work with and take full advantage of the power of Hitachi products and solutions
  • What sub-communities can be found here?
    • An open Products and Solutions space with several topical areas.
    • Developer networks such as one about Hitachi Content Platform.
    • Innovation Center.
    • Global Account focused areas
    • Invitation-only, private customer groups.
  • Will Hitachi Vantara Community be moderated?
    • Yes: Light community moderation by a full-time employee and sub-community moderators.
    • You can contact us via email at if you have a topic or question you'd like to take offline.
    • We also have an escalation process and a team of experts to engage.
  • What if I see something that is inappropriate?
    • Inappropriate content such as profanity, personal attacks, prejudicial comments or intentionally misleading information should be reported to the Community Manager or right away.
    • You can also click on "Report Abuse" under Actions on the right of the screen. Please indicate the reason for the report and add comments if you want.
  • What are the Hitachi Vantara Terms of Use?
    • Check out our legalese here.
    • There is also a Terms and Conditions agreement everyone must agree to prior to participation in the community.
  • Is there a community recognition program for members who are actively participating?
    • The Most Valued Professional (MVP) program is designed to recognize customers and partners who contribute their time and expertise. Participation builds trust and develops a reputation, which can influence engagement, transfer knowledge, and educate members.  Customers and partners in Hitachi Vantara Community are eligible based on several criteria including nomination, activity levels and points. The Hitachi Vantara Community Steering Committee will review nominations and make final selections.
    • MVPs will have access to the Innovation Circle of Hitachi Vantara thought leaders and to technical information.
    • We accept user nominations for MVPs.
  • What are the main community platform features?
    • Activity streams/notifications to keep you up to date.
    • Spaces, groups and categories to guide you to the right area and the information you need.
    • Documents and discussions.
    • Search for content by tags, keywords, or expertise.
    • People and connections.
    • Bunchball gamification program.
    • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.
  • Do users have to register and login to view content?
    • Yes and No. Users can view content in the open areas of the community without logging in.
    • Users must register and log in to contribute and comment.
    • Some areas are private and access is by invitation only, for example: some Global Account and Partner areas.
  • What languages are supported in the community?
    • The website defaults to English, but registered users can change the user interface to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish in the profile. HDS content will initially be posted in English; we hope to add other language content at a future date.
    • Community members can post questions and replies in the language they choose.
  • What do the points mean?
    • Points show other members your participation and commitment to the community.
    • Hitachi Vantara employees gain reputation and demonstrate their skills and knowledge by responding to customers and partners.
    • Points are awarded based on activities and contributions to the community.  For example, you will earn 50 points by replying to 2 questions or commenting on 2 discussions. You also earn points for joining a group.
  • How do I earn badges?
    • Badges allow users to build reputation in the community. It shows other users that you are an active member and potentially a trusted advisor.
    • Badges are automatically awarded when you've completed a certain number of actions and/or missions.
    • Some badges are earned by familiarizing yourself with the community platform while others are custom made to be product/event specific.
  • How do I see how many points and badges I've earned?
    • Click on your points total in the upper right area of the screen, right next to "My Dashboard".  You will see your total number of points and your achievement level. Click on "More" at the bottom of the pull-down menu to see your Activity, Missions, Badges and Places (groups and spaces you follow).
    • Points are shown next to your name on every page.
    • Points and badges are shown on your Profile page, and
    • Points, badges and leadership rankings are shown on the Reputation tab of your profile.
  • Are there different community models within Hitachi Vantara Community?
    • Yes, there are. There are open, peer-to-peer areas for Products and Solutions, and several distinct areas, or topics, within Products and Solutions where you can search for content or ask questions specific to virtualization, data protection, performance, sizing and more.
    • Other open areas include News and Events, Help and Feedback, and Innovation Center.
    • In addition, there are private, multi-company collaboration and secure single entity areas.
  • How do I know where I should ask my question?
    • Questions about Hitachi Vantara products and solutions should fall into one of the Topic areas displayed on the Products and Solutions landing page. They are listed on the screen.. Click on the Topic that best matches your question and navigate to “Start a Discussion” under Actions, or, type your question in the "Ask" field to see if a similar question has previously been asked.
    • Make sure you select a place for your question to go.
    • General questions about the community can be asked in the Help and Feedback section.
  • Who can mark answers/responses as Correct, or Helpful?
    • The person who asked the original question can mark an answer as Correct, or Helpful.  And actually, we would really appreciate it if more users did that. There are some obvious great answers, so if someone has responded and helped you get the info you need, please let us know by marking it.  Sometimes the community moderators will mark them after a week or two if they are not marked, but we think the person who asked the question should have the first right on that.
      • To mark an answer as helpful use the Actions button found at the bottom of the response (see screen shot below)

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