Archana Kuppuswamy

HANA Blog 008 - Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and High Availability for SAP HANA

Blog Post created by Archana Kuppuswamy Employee on Sep 20, 2017

This blog is intended to assist you in protecting the data in your SAP HANA environments following the different backup, disaster recovery, and high availability solutions documented in various white papers.


For reference, here are links to collateral's documenting solutions for protecting SAP HANA environments.


Collateral's for Data Protection

The SAP HANA database keeps the bulk of its data in memory, using persistent storage to provide a fallback in case of failure. However, if the persistent storage is damaged due to disk failures or database corruption, backup provides protection against data loss. Refer to the following data protection-related documents:

Collateral's for Disaster Recovery

To protect customer's data in the event of a disaster, the customer needs two sites with the disaster recovery solution in place. Refer to the following disaster recovery solutions in the documents below:


Collateral's for High-Availability Solution with Scale-Up

The UCP for SAP HANA scale-up appliance configuration can be extended by adding another node to provide high availability following different solutions tested, as documented in the papers below: